Although most people assume that pressure washing is safe for all exterior surfaces, it is not. Why is that important to know? If you use pressure washing on a surface that isn’t appropriate, you can end up doing a lot of unnecessary and costly damage. The key is to hire a power washing Mount Pleasant, SC company with the experience and industry knowledge to keep all your exterior materials both safe and looking amazing! These are just four things that you should never pressure wash.


Roof washing is an excellent tool for home maintenance and it’s necessary to extend the lifespan of your roofing material. But pressure washing is not a good way to get your roof clean. The high-powered nature of pressure washing will wear away at the granules of your roof and lessen its strength, and in some cases can lead to shingle damage. If you are going to have your roof washed, always use a soft washing method to avoid damage!

Painted Decks and Wood

Although exterior paint is meant to withstand the harsh nature of the great outdoors, that does not mean that it’s impervious to pressure washing. If you use pressure washing on a painted surface, it can chip or strip away the color. If that happens, then you will have to strip the entire porch, deck, or fence to get the consistency of color again. Unless you want to have stripping and painting on your to-do list, only use soft washing on painted surfaces.


Gutters are an important part of keeping your dwelling safe from foundation issues, cracks, and flooding, but they aren’t meant to take a lot of abuse or pressure. If you use pressure washing on gutters to remove dirt and debris, you can end up damaging them and the wood around them. When cleaning gutters, you should use both manual removal techniques and gentler soft washing to make sure that they are free-flowing and ready to go for rainstorms!

AC Units

It’s a good idea to remove built-up dirt, debris, and foreign objects like leaves and branches from your air conditioning unit, but using a pressure washer is not the answer. If you use the high power of a pressure washer, you can end up denting the fan, or causing some significant internal mechanical problems. A garden hose is usually enough to get it clean.

Although most people assume that all outdoor surfaces are safe for pressure washing, they are not. The best way to know what is safe to pressure wash and what needs the gentler approach of soft washing is to hire an experienced service like our power washing Mount Pleasant, SC company. We always err on the side of using the least invasive method to get the best results possible. Contact us to schedule your pressure washing appointment today!