We’ve all heard about power washing and the various surfaces it can be used on, but what about soft washing? Soft washing is a method of cleaning that uses a combination of low-pressure and biodegradable detergents to safely clean the outside of your home. It’s a great way to keep outdoor surfaces looking their best without the risk of damage from high-pressure water jets. Is soft washing for you? This is an explanation of what soft washing is and why you should hire our pressure washing company in Charleston that we recently shared with RedFin’s audience!

What Is Soft Washing? 

Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses low-pressure water combined with biodegradable detergents to effectively remove dirt, debris, mold, and mildew without causing any damage to your home’s exterior surfaces. The technique is gentle enough that it won’t harm delicate materials like wood or vinyl siding, yet powerful enough to get rid of stubborn stains and discoloration. The process also disinfects surfaces, which helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria while also preventing future build-up.

Why You Need Soft Washing 

Soft washing provides an effective way to keep your home clean without risking damage from high-pressure water jets. It’s especially beneficial for homes with delicate or aging exteriors, because it won’t cause any unnecessary wear and tear on these surfaces. Plus, soft washing helps reduce the spread of bacteria and germs in outdoor areas like decks or patios by killing off harmful organisms before they have a chance to grow. Finally, regular soft washes will help maintain the beauty of your home’s exterior so you can enjoy its appearance for years to come.

What Should Never Be Pressure Washed 

While pressure washing can be an effective way to remove dirt and debris from some surfaces, certain materials should never be cleaned using this method. These include wood siding, stucco walls, painted surfaces, decks constructed with composite material, masonry chimneys, wooden decks, and shingles on roofs—all of which could sustain serious damage from high-pressure water jets. So if you see any of these surfaces around your home or yard, make sure you use soft washing instead!

Soft washing is an effective way for homeowners to keep their outdoor spaces looking great without damaging delicate materials like wood or vinyl siding. Not only does it provide excellent cleaning results, but it also kills off germs and bacteria while reducing the spread of harmful organisms in areas like decks or patios.

Plus, regular soft washes can help preserve the beauty of your home’s exterior while preventing further build-up over time, making it an essential part of any homeowner’s maintenance routine! Just remember: when it comes time to clean those more sensitive materials around your property—never reach for a pressure washer! Instead, grab some biodegradable detergents and give them a good soft wash! Or better yet, hire our pressure washing company in Charleston and let us get it done! Make your appointment today!